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The art and science of compounding is the process of mixing drugs to fit the unique needs of an individual. Island Pharmacy Compounding focuses on sterile and non-sterile compounded medications in the areas of bio-identical hormone therapy, pediatrics, ophthalmics, injectable vitamins, pain relief, dermatological preparations, and veterinary medications. We also will ship compounded prescriptions all over North America! 
We have both the ingredients and expertise to meet your patient’s needs. So call or visit an Island Pharmacy location for all your special drug needs. Please contact our Shawnigan Lake and View Royal locations  for more information.

Compounding has many benefits for patients including:
     Customized dosing patient specific and individualized to meet any dosing problems
     Dye free, preservative free, lactose free dosage forms
     Customized flavoring
     Provide for unavailable, unformulated, or discontinued items
     Customized dosage forms (topical creams/ointments/gels, capsules, troches, lip balms,          
     flavoured  suspensions, suppositories, troches, sprays, and many more!) 

If you visit our compounding locations, you will see a facility that looks more like a laboratory than a traditional pharmacy. You will see the preparation of medicines from unformulated chemicals. Although this method requires extra time to research, measure, and mix, we believe it offers the best possible product - a high quality medication that is designed for your individual patient. New technology, devices, and compounding machines have made it possible for our highly trained pharmacists to prepare almost any prescription for people and animals.

These are the areas in which Compounding prescriptions have become very popular:

      Pain Management
      Pediatric Medication
      Travel Needs

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